HICLEAR systems produce zero excess sludge. They save the end-user the purchase of maintenance-prone and power draining sludge dewatering equipment such as filter presses. Additionally, no extra space is required for sludge drying beds, or monthly sludge disposal costs – ever.

HICLEAR’s Plug&Play® type operation allows for same day plant startup without any foaming issues usually faced by Membrane BioReactor (MBR) systems. Maintenance is a breeze with no on-site operator required once the plant is commissioned by our site engineering team.

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Recyclable Effluent

Treated water from HICLEAR systems can be reused for in-house firefighting systems, car washing or gardening/irrigation purposes. Treated water can be discharged to a sizeable natural water body (lakes, rivers) for subsequent water treatment for drinking water supply.

Space Optimization

HICLEAR systems have a Stackable concept, allowing systems to be installed on top of concrete collection or balancing tanks, reducing the space required for wastewater treatment. Compared to alternative technologies, HICLEAR systems can reduce installation space required by 40%.

Government Subsidies

Green building government subsidies may apply to your infrastructure project utilizing HICLEAR technology, as it is recognized as an environmentally friendly wastewater treatment solution due to its lowest-in-class electricity requirements (kWh/m3) and zero excess sludge production capability - converting incoming wastewater to treated reusable water without any by-products to treat separately.

Resellable Assets

HICLEAR systems depreciate in value by 5% on a year on year basis. After a period of 10 years of usage with documented maintenance records, HICLEAR systems can be resold at 50% of its original value. Alternative technologies cannot be resold or reused once installed due to their systems requiring regular internals replacement or system immobility, i.e. concrete based systems.


  • Below or above ground
  • Modular, scalable, stackable and space-saving
  • Plug & Play, simple installation
  • Can be built on incrementally